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5 Steps to solving your IBS

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I know that your doctor has probably told you that your IBS isn’t curable, that you will need to learn to live with it and take a stool softener to help you out, but that isnt really true. The truth is that there isn’t much he can do, but there is quite a bit that you can do and I know this because I help clients to do this everyday.

For 20 years, my go to for IBS has been colon cleansing, also known as colon hydrotherapy. A therapy where we insert a small tube into your anus and gently wash the colon out. It an incredible way to get super fast results for IBS. In some cases, it creates instant relief and in others 3 to 5 treatments get people back on track.

But here is the kicker; there is something in what you are consuming that is causing your IBS. It could be your diet, it could be your thought patterns and it could also be that you are not properly dealing with stress.

Everyone I know who works in Gut Health will give you a different story on how IBS starts, but I have my own theory and I have proven over and over again, that sorting IBS out is actually very simple, does not require prescription drugs and can be done quickly and easily if you know what you are doing.

Step 1 in any gut healing program is to REMOVE the offending waste. For those people who are suffering with IBS C, this is a simple process. It doesn’t have to be complicated, infact there are some easy ways to do it.

1. Colon cleansing

Make sure you chose a reputable colon cleansing centre with a high level of certification. ( in Johannesburg.

2. Supplements

Using any kind of laxative to assist in cleansing the bowel is never a good option, so as a general rule, I don’t let my clients use anything that will further damage function or the delicate lining of the colon. Laxative that you buy from the pharmacy destroy your bowel over a long period of time, are habit forming and generally make the problem worse. So we use a specific form of magnesium in our IBS program to gently cleanse and restore the colon without cramping, pain and also not causing any further damage.

3. A combination of both

You can use both of the above processes to speed the process up.

Part 2 of this REMOVE process is to start eliminating foods that we know cause IBS problems from years of experience. We use a tailored AIP diet to get this right. It such an easy diet to do, that most of our clients adopt it long term.

Part 3 (which we do as the same time as part 1 and 2)

This part is quite simple and it assists in dealing with inflammtion of the gut lining. We do 2 supplements namely L-Glutamine and secondly a specially formulated probiotic. The Glutamine helps to deal with inflammation and healing of the tissue itself and essentially we need this to allow the slippery lining of the colon to regenerate so that is can make a nice home for your new probiotics. If we dont do them both, the probiotics don’t have a nice place to live and they don’t colonise in a way that prevents further damage to your colon.

Step 4

Once you have done the diet of 3 – 4 weeks, you can start to reintroduce the foods that you eliminated and chances are that you will know almost immediately which ones your body doesnt like as you will very quickly bloat or have a headached ect. Ususally you get a return of your symptoms really quickly. If we have done our job correctly and the bowel has “Healed and Sealed” then you may find things that you thought were a problem before probably won’t be so bad anymore.

Step 5

Almost every IBS client has a particular type of personality. They generally are anxious and have tendencies toward perfectionism.

I always tell my IBS patients to learn to do things that allow them to get out of their head. Walking or exercising is amazing for this. I love to lift weights in the gym; it really helps me to manage my stress.

If playing music or playing with your kids or meditation do this, then you need to make sure that you make time for these things. It’s a matter of life or death. Stress and anxiety are primary causes of IBS.

You can buy my IBS program here. Its a simple solution of products I specifically formulated for clients just like you, includes the diet and the AIP diet to follow.

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