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Cleanse IBS Bundle

Our Famous IBS program that helps to restore your gut health quickly and easily.
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IBS is a tricky business and using the right products is crucial to getting the right result.

We added our favorite products for IBS to this package and we also give your our famous Cleaning Diet to help you assist your gut’s healing.

Colon Active is a magnesium oxide based colon cleanse to assist you to remove excess waste and gas without using harsh laxatives.

L-Glutamine helps to heal and seal the lining of your colon whilst also fighting inflammation and pain. l-glutamine also helps to fight cravings and appetite.

Probilon is a liquid based probiotic with 10 billion CFU’s of lactobacillus strain and Biffidobacterium Infantis to help your microbiome recover and grow.

Included is our simple to follow cleansing diet to get you back on track.

If you need advise and assistance, our founder Briony is always willing to assist. Just DM us in Instagram!

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