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Our Story

Taking Colon Hydrotherapy to New levels in South Africa

In 2000, Briony embarked on a journey with Colon Hydrotherapy that transformed her life. After struggling with a spastic colon, she met one of South Africa's first colon hydrotherapists, who not only improved her colon health but also altered her career trajectory. Today, Briony is the founder of Cleanse by Trinity Health, a specialized colon hydrotherapy center in Johannesburg that is Africa's first to be led by a Clinical Colon Hydrotherapist (GPACT) qualified in New York City.


As a certified colon hydrotherapy instructor, Briony has made Trinity Health a respected Colon Hydrotherapy Center around the world. Cleanse by Trinity Health is the preferred colon therapy center in the SADC region, and clients come from all over Southern Africa to receive treatment. The center is committed to maintaining high quality and adheres to international standards of care. With the latest, state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy equipment,  closed colon hydrotherapy systems, Cleanse by Trinity Health is one of the few centers in the world that provides a range of superior services. With hypoallergenic, custom-designed disposable speculae and tubing imported from the UK, the center never compromises on safety and quality, and carries proper professional indemnity insurance specifically for Colon Hydrotherapy.

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