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What are colonics?

Colonics – also known as colon hydrotherapy or Colonic Irrigation is the infusion of micro-filtered water into the colon via a speculum inserted into the anus to cleanse the bowel. We do this with very specialised equipment which controls the tempreture and pressure of the water entering your body

Are colonics safe?

In the hands of a qualified therapist in a sterile professional clinic, colonics are very safe. Our therapists are RICTAT and GPACT certified meaning they adhere to the very best standards available for colonics in the world.

Why would I need a Colonic?

Colonics indications are far reaching. Common reasons for colonics are constipation, bloating and gas, Irritable Bowel Sydrome (also referred to as Spastic Colon), detoxification, headaches, weight gain, eczema and food sensitivities. Our living environments in the modern world are so toxic – that almost anyone can benefit from a colonic.

What conditions would prohibit me from having a colonic?

Each clinic and therapist will have specific requirements, at Trinity Health , we will not treat you if you have any of the following.
• Uncontrolled Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
• Pregnancy or women who suspect they are pregnant.
• Recent (within 6 months) abdominal surgery.
• Severe hemorrhoids or fissures.
• Renal Insufficiency (Kidney Disease
• Bowel pathologies – such as colon cancer, polyps, Chrohns disease, Ulceratice Colitis ect
• You must also be above the age of 16, if you are under 21 you will need parental consent.

How many Colonics will I need?

This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. At Trinity Health  we believe that you should receive as few treatments as is necessary to achieve the desired result. Someone who is severely constipated may need many more colonics to detox, than someone who is not. It is best to consult with us on an individual basis.
Our average amount of colonics to achieve a result is 3 -5.

What is the procedure?

Once you have made an appointment, you will need to complete an medial questionnaire. Our therapists will then revue the information and decide whether you are a candidate for colonics or not.
The colonic itself can be done on the same day. The procedure will be explained to you as we go ahead. A therapist is present at all times during the colonic.

Is a colonic messy?

Absolutely Not. We use a “closed system” which means there is no mess or smell.

Is it painful?

Most people have very little discomfort. A colonic should never be painful, however in a small amount of people some mild diarrhea like cramps are experienced. Should this occur, your therapist will gently massage your stomach and help with breathing until they pass.

How is Trinity Health different from other clinics?

We strive to create an environment that is both clean and homely. We want you to feel at home when you are with us. Professional systems, all disposable equipment and continued training of our therapists are the hallmark of our value system. We will not compromise on your safety - ever.

Can I have a colonic if I am menstruating?

There are several issues to be considered, one, if you have moderate to severe cramping during your period, having a colonic may be more uncomfortable than usual. Second, the flow of menses should be controlled with the use of a tampon, if any of these issues are a problem for you, then maybe skipping the colonic is best.

Will I be able to return to work after I have had a treatment?

The simple answer to this question is absolutely! In 99.9 percent of cases, you will feel amazing after your colonic. Most people are concerned that they will "leak" and have such serious diarrhea they will have to go straight home, this could not be further from the truth. Colon therapists do their utmost to make sure that all the excess water is drained from your colon and therefore should not cause any problems after your treatment..

Can’t find the answer to your question? Give us a call!

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