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Willpower and Health Goals

In 20 years of being a colon therapist and nutritionist, there has always been one aspect of what I do that I wished I could change.

It is the very thing that has held me back from also achieving the perfect picture of health and I never understood it until recently. You see we can all muster the will to try and make a change but it doesn’t seem to last.

Perhaps this is the reason that in January all the gyms are full and people are clambering over the equipment and fighting over parking spaces at the gym, it’s because we see the vision of good health and sexy bodies. It’s easy to see, it’s all over Instagram these amazing looking people with six packs and blonde hair. The perfect camera angles, the perfect confidence. And that is the deciding factor for me. Those people on Instagram, they have the confidence that the rest of us don’t. They are putting themselves out there!

The perfect childhood is of course always in my humble opinion a myth. Even people who claim to have the perfect childhood have had experiences in their lives whether those were at home or at school, there is a very clear message to children at almost every level of their lives and that is that we are constantly being measured, analysed and assessed. Do we measure up?

For the majority of people, this just doesn’t happen and over a period of time, we begin to measure, analyse and assess ourselves. Held up to a perceived standard (our own perception) of what we should be. This perception is moulded by the media we consume and the friends we keep, it’s so moulded into our existence that we need to achieve more, be thinner, be smarter. All the things we absolutely can be, if we believe we are enough, but we have been comparing ourselves all our lives and every time we fall short. And every time we reach for the donut because we believe we are not enough.

But the truth is we are enough, we need to change our measurements.

If you can learn to love yourself enough, all your dreams can become reality. You can become exactly what you want, not matter what age or health condition.

I suppose you think that maybe I am suggesting that we should have hours and hours of therapy to achieve this goal of loving ourselves and I also suppose for some of you that may be a way to get it done. But in reality, the brain is a simple thing and it can easily be changed quickly. And here is what I suggest.

1. Every time you find yourself wanting to hurt yourself with food, drugs, alcohol or negative thinking, you say to yourself “I am enough, all of me is welcome” and walk away.

2. Every time you find yourself locked in bargaining and negative thoughts, you move your thoughts back into your cognitive and logical brain by counting backwards from 5. Ie 5,4,3,2,1. And move along.

The counting is borrowed from the incredible Mel Robbins, you MUST check out her work on self worth. And the “I am enough” from Marisa Peer who is equally as mind-blowing.

It works, stop thinking about it and go do it.

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