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What does real health Look Like?

What is the picture of health supposed to look like? Is it all that Instagram says it is?

In this Instagram world we are living in, sometimes things are not what they seem. All of us follow some picture perfect examples of what Health is and more importantly what it looks like.

Health in its essence is balance, it's not the absence of symptoms, it's the presence of well being. Well being is a state of balance, physically, emotionally and spiritually. 20 years ago, I named my company Trinity as the symbolism for the integration of these parts to form this wellness.

What does balance aka well-being look like? Is it the Instagram version of health that we should aspire to? With it's perfectly placed peas and green juices all on display, or is Health really just about people like you and I trying to do our best, swimming in a million pieces of information that is fed to us in little conflicting packages?

This is a what I believe a picture of Health could be,

1. Living with purpose.

Giving all your best all the time, because it feeds your soul. Knowing that your purpose is greater than anything else.

2. Being close to your goal weight.

There is never a picture perfect body, we always want more, but simply put and scientifically backed, excess fat makes us sick and more importantly uncomfortable which in turn affects our self worth and our ability to live our purpose.

You don't need to a size zero to be healthy, but dangerous visceral and abdominal fat is a dangerous marker for disease. Even 'thin' people can have this dangerous type of fat.

3. Having energy to perform daily tasks with ease.

Lack of energy leads to a inability to perform in all areas of life, this includes work, play and parenting. A lack of energy impedes on our ability to live one's purpose.

4. A strong immune system

The ability to fight illness with ease when it ultimately allows us to live our purpose, the most important part of true wellness. A strong and capable immune system ultimately comes from eating well, resting well and making good emotional and spiritual choices.

5. Fitness

You don't need to be a fitness model and posting bikini pics on Instagram, but when you are visiting your favorite European and American cities, you need to be limber and fit enough to experience the sights without pain or discomfort. Ultimately, this helps you to live your purpose. Statistically speaking fit people make much better life choices and are more successful that people who are not.

6. Recovery

Do you sleep well? Can you wake up in the morning without bags under your eyes and feeling rested? Making your way through a day with good recovery, that's crucial.

I discovered on my own health journey, that true health comes with the ability to find wellness at differing levels of existence. It small changes that make big differences. It's the will to make those changes, to ultimately build towards your purpose.

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