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The 5 R’s of Gut Restoration Programme

At Trinity Health we use the 5R restoration model to implement effective changes into the wellness models of our clients. Without the effective restoration of bowel health most health interventions will fail. Bowel health is the cornerstone of wellness

Different versions of this these functional medicine techniques have bantered since the gut heath (or lack thereof) theory of wellness has been integrated into wellness and health coaching models. I have little changes and nuances that I have added to the programme.


· Remove the source of gut inflammation or hyperpermeability (or ‘leaky gut)

The bowel has a delicate internal lining. It is covered in a mucous lining that is essentially the “film” that lies between us and the outside world. It is the filter that allows nutrients to enter and toxins to be released.

This lining is delicate and powered by the bacteria that are housed within it. Toxic substances destroy the cells that create this intelligent film and once those cells are unable to effectively function, our barrier is no longer effective. Removing these triggers is crucial to rebuilding this lining. Amazingly, this thin lining is easily restored and due to it’s high cell turnover, it happens quickly once the toxins are removed.


Our diets are filled with foods that can create inflammatory responses. Bloating, pain, constipation and diarrhea are often the bowels response to food triggers within the bowel. Common foods that can cause problems are wheat, gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs.


The most difficult of all the remove, but removing or learning to better manage stress is crucial to restoring gut health.


Chemicals that cause damage to the lining also need to removed, chlorinated water, antibiotics and OTC painkillers should be the first of those gut destroying chemicals to go.

Parasites and Fungi

Unfriendly parasites and fungi (like candida) can cause damage and need to be effectively treated.

· Replace

Digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid within our stomachs reduce with age, but also with eating the incorrect foods.

While both digestive enzymes and HCL can be replaced with supplements there are also natural alternatives that can be used increase the acidity of the stomach and the digestive system in order for the natural microbiome to thrive and digestion to be optimal.

Lemon Juice and Apple cider vinegar are great ways to boost your stomach acid as well as eating fermented foods like Kimchi. Ginger is also an effective stomach acid booster.


the gut with beneficial bacteria, whilst bolstering existing beneficial ecology

Once the lining of your gut is starting to be a better home for your microbiome, you can start to rebuild your microbiome with fermented foods like kimchi and kombucha. Kefir is also a great source of natural good bacteria.

Where there has been significant bacterial or fungal influence of the gut, a good quality probiotic is also a great way to replace good bacteria.

· Repair

the gut with gut healing nutrients

I like to start this process right from day one. Since the bowel cell turnover is very quick, with the right nutrients, you can very quickly repair the cells within the bowel.

  1. L-Glutamine. An amino acid that our body’s require to muscle repair helps very quickly to repair cells within the gut.

  2. Hydrolysed Collagen. Essentially a food, hydrolysed collagen also contains glutamine and most other of the 20 essential amino acids that our bodies require for gut healing.

  3. Curcumin. An extract of Tumeric, curcumin is an extremely effective anti-inflammatory compound for the gut.

· Rebalance

lifestyle factors to help maintain optimal gut function

On this gut healing path, making sure that ongoing gut health is part of our future and so making sure that you maintaine the balance is importnant.

1. Keep you diet on track, making sure you continue to avoid your triggers.

2. Manage your stress levels, through whatever means needed.

3. Exercise is crucial to gut health, we need to move to cleanse.

4. Sleep is a major part of rejuvenation and we need to sleep to maintain gut health.

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