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Listen to Your Gut : The Symptoms of Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health has far-reaching consequences. It can have an effect on your mental health, your skin, and everything in between. It is, therefore, endlessly important to listen to your gut when something doesn't feel right. Here are some symptoms you should watch out for:

Frequently passing wind

According to statistics, the average person passes wind 10 times a day. If you are doing so more than that, and the subsequent odour is stronger or more unpleasant than usual, there may be an issue of imbalance regarding the trillions of microorganisms living in your gut.


Bloating and excessive wind generally go hand in hand. That uncomfortable feeling is caused by a large amount of trapped gas which is often a result of poor dietary choices. Limit the number of fatty or sugary snacks that you’re eating and focus on filling up on more fibre, as well as more plant-based sources of protein.


Feeling tired and run down much of the time is a sure-fire sign that something is ‘off' health-wise. It may or may not be caused by gut-related problems but, either way, it’s worthwhile investigating the cause.

Weight changes

Gaining or losing weight without making any changes to your lifestyle points to potential gut problems. When your gut is in poor health, it may struggle to absorb important vitamins and nutrients, and it may be unable to properly regulate blood sugar. Both of these situations can lead to changes in a person's weight.

Food Intolerance

Do you notice that you have certain ‘trigger' foods that often lead to a period of digestive disturbance, like bloating, constipation, or diarrhea? Food intolerances that cause these symptoms usually exist because the delicate mircobiome of the gut is lacking something, or there is an overgrowth of a type of bacteria that shouldn’t be there. While you could simply avoid eating those ‘trigger' foods, it is better to investigate why they trigger your gut in the first place – and, of course, how to heal it.

The good news is that poor gut health is easily rectified with positive lifestyle changes and regular colon hydrotherapy sessions. These sessions are geared towards thoroughly cleansing and renewing the entire length of the gut. You will feel better almost instantly and see a complete change in your health – digestive and otherwise. So, listen to your gut and see for yourself.

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