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4 Crucial Steps to dealing with IBS

My clients always want to know how it is that I became a colon therapist and the story started with my own nasty case of IBS. It was the severe pain and discomfort of my spastic colon that took me to colon therapy and kept me there.

It would take me another 3 years before I managed to get my IBS under control and I haven’t had an attack ever again. Now after years of treating IBS clients I learned some easy ways to get IBS tamed and quickly.

1. Clear the Backlog

Although this is always my first step, it’s also the one that brings the quickest relief. Getting your colon cleansed with 3 to 5 colon Hydrotherapy treatments is mission critical. Most IBS clients suffer with severe bloating and pain, colon therapy helps not only by clearing the excess stool, but is soothing to the ‘spastic’ colon. The relief is quick and reliable.

2. Reverse the Damage

At Trinity ( we use individualized supplements to start rebuilding the internal microbiome (probiotics) and deal with inflammation within the colon. This process is sometimes slow and we use colon therapy as a supportive therapy at the same time. It’s important to individualize the approach to each specific client.

3. Find the offending foods.

Every IBS client needs dietary help. Very often as IBS clients are ‘A type’ personalities their diets are already quite good and ‘clean’, but still they are battling.

Elimination diets are an amazing way to find foods that you are sensitive to, but can be difficult to comply to.

Food sensitivity testing (Igg), which we do in house with just a drop of blood are an amazing way to get a quick and easy indication of which foods to avoid immediately.

4. Stress Management

While I am not an expert in stress management, it is such an important part of IBS healing. Finding your triggers for stress and anxiety and dealing with them is crucial in long term healing. Meditation and even deep breathing can really assist in your long term success at beating IBS.

An individual approach is crucial and sometimes things get a little worse before they get better, but dealing permanently with IBS is possible.

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