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Collagen Peptides– is it really the anti-ageing miracle its being sold as?

Collagen peptide supplements have become all the rage at the moment. Sold as being “better than botox” the whole world is looking at collagen as an anti-ageing miracle.

But is it really all that it is trumped up to be? I think the simple answer is YES!

I have been personally using Collagen Peptide powders for about 2 years. There have been so many health benefits for me and my clients. My personal favourites have been that my Caesar scar has all but disappeared and even though I didn’t have many to start with, my wrinkles have gone too.

Collagen has many benefits, such as

Healthy ageing – helping you stay healthy and mobile, it is good for your tendons, ligaments and joint pains.

Joint and Bone Health – Collagen is good for healthy bone development and maintenance of collagen in joints

Skin and Hair – Collagen is amazing for fighting the visible signs of ageing such as wrinkles and hair loss, my hair grows twice as fast as it used to.

Sports performance – Collagen help you to grow healthy lean muscle tissue and increase athletic performance.

Gut Health – studies show that collagen can aid digestion, reduce inflammation, health stomach ulcers and regulate stomach acid secretion.

All of these benefits come from the robust amino acid profile of collagen peptides. Amino acids are compounds of which only that we cannot synthesize all of them and therefore in order to have enough, we must obtain these from foods. Collagen Peptides can contain up to 20 amino acids and in a pre-digested and absorb able form.

Most people who suffer with digestion issues also have a condition called Leaky Gut, so called for its signature microscopic holes that form in the gut wall.

Leaky gut can lead to many symptoms:

Digestive – Diarrhea and Constipation. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory bowel disease.

Metabolism and Endocrine – Leaky gut can literally make you gain weight and create insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Immune – Leaky gut is thought to contribute to immune problems like food sensitivity as well as autoimmune problems like Lupus and Graves or Hashimotos disease.

Brain – brain fog and memory problems as stem from the gut. Since many of neurotransmitters are also produced in the gut lining, depression and anxiety can also stem form problems within the gut lining.

Its all about the lining!

A healthy gut lining is our barrier between us and the outside world. It healthy sliminess makes a beautiful home for our microbiome and hence the bacteria that help us stay healthy.

Collagen peptides are incredible at helping the gut lining to recover. Since most people who already have gut or autoimmune issues suffer from dire nutrient deficiencies, a pre-digested source of essential amino acids is crucial to healing the gut lining and restoring the ability of the gut to get the best nutrients from food.

Almost immediately after starting on a good dosage of Collagen Peptides most of my clients immediately report a change in the appetite as their digestive system is actually able to start effectively getting nutrients from food and their hungry dissipates.

I am sure you have seen quite a few ads for collagen peptides on Facebook and other places. All of them claim that their products are the best, simply put there are a few benchmarks for collagen supplements that are important.

1. It should be colorless and completely tasteless – this shows that it is very pure.

2. The product once ingested shouldn’t cause any bloating or digestive issues, again purity. It should give you an energy boost.

3. The product should also have it’s amino acid profile listed on it

4. If at all possible it should be grass-fed or pasture raised sources. While many companies claim this is the case, the real truth is that there actually aren’t enough pasture raised animals in the world to produce the amount of "grass fed" collagen on the market. So the likelihood is probably slim that all of them are.

I use O’nutricia collagen and have for a long time. You can get it from our online store here. It dissolves beautifully, has no taste and I have seen incredible benefits from it.

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