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Blasting your Belly

I get asked by clients all the times if colon hydrotherapy can assist with losing belly fat. My answer always has two parts,

1. If the bloat is coming from underneath, ie you are having gut issues and your constipation and bloating is causing the issue, this is where colon hydrotherapy is useful.

2. If you have a thick later of fat on top of the muscle, then we consider this a hormonal issue and addressing the hormones involved is an important part of getting rid of it.

Dealing with the hormonal issues associated with belly fat and fat accumulation is a concern that most clients have and that most practitioners ignore when assessing there client for gut health.

Hormonal issues often stem from the GUT, so looking at gut health and using colon hydrotherapy as a tool to address the hormonal issues is definitely part of the multi-pronged approach that we use in our centre.

There are also a few nutraceuticals that I find invaluable in addressing this issue, both for regulating insulin and preventing the actual formation of the fat, but also for starting the process of getting it back to a more normal shape.

The factors that need to be addressed are always different in every person, but in general treating belly fat can be achieved by controlling insulin, reducing oestrogen and dealing with adrenal and cortisol issues.

1. Controlling Insulin

I am continually discussing the anti-ageing effects of controlling insulin, in fact in my opinion it is the single biggest factor when it comes to living a long and healthy life. There are many lifestyle diseases linked to high insulin like Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and High Blood Pressure and kidney diseases. Lowering your insulin in general is a good idea and this is no different with Belly fat, the lower your insulin is, the faster your belly fat will respond to diet and exercise interventions.

Usually I ask client to do a couple of things to achieve the lowering of insulin.

1. Eliminate sugar from their diet and not introduce sweeteners.

It takes about 6 months after you have done to see massive results, but its usually quite dramatic and then health benefit cannot be compared. Its one of the most difficult things for clients to do, because sugar is so addictive, but once it has been achieved – you will never look back. You can use the second intervention to assist you in doing this.

2. Take Berberine HCL

A bitter Chinese herb by the name of Berberine is probably one of the most important nutraceuticals of our time. Berberine’s ability to lower blood glucose and HBA1C without the side effects of traditional glucose lowering drugs like metformin. It also has been shown to reduce the activity of Telomerase confirming its anti-ageing properties.

The more I read the studies on Berberine, the most I am convinced that Berberine should be a component of every persons daily life! We have an great quality Berberine in our store.

3. Get your Macros down

There are so many useful resources to get the ideal Protein / Carb / Fat ratios down for you. On my recent weight loss journey, I discovered that what I was actually eating was completely off for me even though I was eating extremely healthy food, the amounts were off for the results I was attempting to achieve, once I corrected this it was a gamechanger and my results have multiplied.

4. Build Muscle.

I recently heard a friend and nutritionist describe lean muscle as an endocrine organ which I found such an important statements. The idea that lean muscle determines your ability to burn fat is not new, but it is crucial to both weight loss and ageing.

3. Controlling Cortisol and Stress

We cannot eliminate stress completely from our lives, but we can definitely develop routines and strategies to limit the effects of it on our bodies and minds. Cortisol is a great hormone and we need it for its anti-inflammatory effects as well as our circadian rhythms, but when we produce too much, our insulin spikes and causes hypoglycaemia and often makes us crave salty or fatty food to compensate.

1. Implement a strong strategy to control your stress.

For me this is exercise and meditation, but it could be long walks or even afternoon naps. I find that if I have a clear plan for everything in my life, I am able to cope better with stress on all levels.

2. Using an Adrenal Formula Nutraceutical

Since we cannot really stop the stress and cortisol, but we can limit its damage on our metabolism and weight gain by keeping our adrenal health in check. I find formulas with Ashwagandha and Siberian Ginseng and even liquorice roots and invaluable to helping with Belly Fat and general wellbeing.

Controlling Oestrogen

1. Get your gut working optimally

If your gut health is poor, your hormonal profile is often an issue, where belly fat is present in women and men, generally oestrogen is a problem. Changing your gut health is the first step in changing this balance.

2. Use DIM or Indole – 3 – Carbinol

Extracts of Cruciferous vegetables like I3C and DIM are amazing for lowering your oestrogen levels safely and without side effects. Not only do they protect you from Oestrogen based cancers like Breast and Prostate, but they also help with Libido, PMS and Thyroid health.


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