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9 detox strategies to incorporate into your daily life.

1. Water

Water is the very essence of detox, without it, you cannot carry the toxins from your body. Water is the greatest cleanser we have.

Without water there is no life. Drinking water is crucial, but bathing and cleansing you body with water and swimming are cleansing to the soul.

2. Skin brushing

Skin brushing takes literally 5 minutes to your day. Slugging off the dead cells form your body allows your cells to fully breathe and sweat glands to be unobstructed. The stimulation of the skin and movement for eh brush also encourage the movement of the lumps this ducts, moving waste towards the heart.

You can skin brush everyday with little to no Impact on your daily life, only the benefits of better skin, less ingrown hairs and great reduced cellulite.

3. Reducing chemicals permanently

Detoxing chemicals and toxins from your body is amazing for health and well-being, but I always coach my clients to reduce their toxic load to as low as possible. Reducing and eliminating your exposure to chemicals in products is crucial. Use natural soaps and chemical free moisturizers and make-up. Wash your vegetables to remove as many pesticides as possible. Eat organic and grass-fed where ever possible.

4. Cold and Heat

When the body is exposed to hot or cold, the microscopic tissues between our cells and organs and blood vessels contract and expand and assist with moving toxins from the body.

Saunas and Steam Rooms come to mind when we talk about using temperature to effect a metabolic reaction from the body and while these are great, they are not the only way that you can use heat and cold to detoxify.

Using your shower to make your body cold and then warm it up again is a great way to boost your detoxification on a microscopic level. It’s also great for energy and cellulite! It also helps with muscle stiffness and I try to do this on days when I have trained hard in the gym.

5. Exercise

Exercise moves the large muscles of the body and moving definitely helps the body to move toxins produced it the tissues to be moved from the cells.

Sweating whilst exercising is also a crucial part of detoxification. Just remember you don’t have to be a weight lifter or an endurance athlete to reap the benefits of moving. Walking or even trampoline jumping is an excellent way to benefit from movement.

6. Intermittent fasting

Fasting allows our body time to houseclean and to break down and move toxins in the body. Fasting or eating very low calories a few days a week will have massive health benefits for most people, helping to lose weight and increase energy.

Allowing the digestive system to rest will also increase your digestive capability and decreasing inflammation within the body.

Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells, so losing weight can also greatly assist you in detoxifying your body.

7. Green smoothies

Having a green smoothie once or twice a week can allow for your body to alkalise and increase digestive functioning. The enzymes in the greens also help to cleanse and kick start your body in full gear!

8. Moving the bowel

If you bowel is not moving 1 or 2 times a day you are not effectively detoxifying and your energy levels and toxicity will be low. Make sure that you are eating enough fiber in the form of fruit and vegetables as well as drinking enough water.

9. Daily Foods

Reducing the amount of food that you eat that are not good for you will greatly assist you in daily detoxification. As I mentioned before, detoxification is great, but if you continue to add foods into your diet that are toxic (like takeaways and chemical additives like sweeteners and sugar) you will continue to have toxic symptoms.

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