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8 reasons to get your colon cleansed.

I have always been very irreverent about the profession I find myself in. Lets be honest, its not a career one chooses when you wake up on a Morning. Its a profession which I have learned over the years that few people truly master and even fewer would ever dream of doing.

I have heard every joke imaginable related to what I do, told by a thousand clients to me in an attempt to break the tension in the room as I am about to put a well designed pipe up their bums.

The sad reality is that there are less people out there in my opinion who don’t need this therapy than those who do. The food we eat has become so toxic and scary, that there seems to be less that we now can eat than what is healthy to actually eat.

How do you know if your colon is clogged?

I always say that there the benefits of colon cleansing fit somewhere between constipation and cancer (and everything in between).

Your colon could need assistance if:

  1. Your abdomen feels hard to touch and you cannot push on it without pain.

Most people don’t realise that missing a bowel movement for a day or two is really a problem. You see, the colon’s primary function is to absorb water and minerals and to neatly form a stool. It is the perfect length to do this perfectly. When you don’t empty your bowel for a day or two, you create a situation where some hard stools start blocking the way for newer stools to come out.

2. You are experiencing regular bloating which is exacerbated certain foods.

Bloating can be a sign of having eaten a food that you body doesn’t like, but it can also be a sign that you have an excess of stool that is fermenting inside you and creating excess gas.

3. You feel tired and sluggish.

When you digestion is sluggish, so you are you. A heavy colon leads to your body feeling heavier and your toxicity levels rising.

4. Your breathe isn’t fresh, despite brushing teeth many times a day.

I meet people all the time who literally say their breathe smells like faeces. As a general rule, those abdomens are distended and hard and by simply clearing the colon, the smell magically goes away.

5. You are battling to lose weight.

Cleansing the colon is an excellent way to augment weight loss as better digestive functions leads to easier weight loss. (you still have to do the work though and eat properly!)

6. You are experiencing heartburn or stomach discomfort.

When your colon is weighed down with faeces, the stomach is often impacted. I am always amazed at how many people I meet who take prescription heartburn medication who are able to come off it after proper colon cleansing.

7. You are getting more headaches than usual.

In Naturalistic and Chinese medicine, headaches are treated by cleansing and healing the digestive system.

8. You don’t feel empty after you have had a no 2.

If you are not emptying completely, you will eventually become impacted. Cleansing the colon may assist in allowing the colon the empty properly again.

Finding the right Place to cleanse your colon.

Every colon therapist has an opinion on what kind of system you should use – I am merely of the belief that different systems offer different benefits to clients.

The most important things are when choosing a centre in my opinion are

  1. Its clean (and hygienic)

  2. The therapists working there are fully qualified (and have certificates to prove this issued by Gpact, Iact, RICTAT and the like)

  3. Only disposable equipment is used – ie all the things that are used on you are single use and are not washed, sterilized or anything of the like.

  4. They have professional indemnity insurance (they won’t get this without being professionally trained).

Our professional GPACT certified centre in Johannesburg South Africa.

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Are you in Cape Town? If yes, please explain procedure and cost. Also if medical aid covers the cost.


Please explain the procedure and the cost.

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