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5 things that you should know about colon cleansing

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

1. It is exceptionally safe in the right environment.

I got into colon cleansing because I wanted other to achieve the kind of health and wellbeing that I had built for myself through this process. I never ever wanted to harm anyone. I am always amazed when people ask me whether it is safe!

In 20 years of doing colon cleansing in South Africa, we have not had one single incident. Yes we have had some detoxing and some headaches and cramping as a result, but there has never been a serious incident. But despite colon therapy being exceptionally safe, there are some things that should be observed when choosing a colon cleansing centre to work with.

a. Proper certification

Your colon therapist should have a certificate from GPACT, I-Act or RICTAT to show that they have been properly trained. Consider that there are different levels of certification, a foundation therapist has less training than a certified clinical colon therapist.

b. Disposables

You therapist should be using single use plastic kits, BOTH tubes and Speculae or Rectal Tubes (open system) should be disposable. I have yet to meet a therapist in this country who is using re-usable items who owns an autoclave.

c. Equipment.

While I don’t disapprove of Gravity systems, in South Africa that are very poorly maintained. Be very careful. A plastic tank is full of toxins.

I prefer devices that heat their own water or have a separate quick heat geyser. This minimizes the infection risk.

2. Your probiotics are completely secure.

I find this the most laughable of all the purported risks of colon therapy. If we used some kind of laxative and antibiotics in our water, this may be something worthwhile considering, but purified water doesn’t kill probiotics, laxatives and antibiotics are what destroy probiotics and are commonly sourced from medical doctors and not colon therapists.

Healthy probiotics are safely implanted into your colon wall. If the idea that colon therapy destroyed your flora, we would be pooing out our bacteria every day and essentially destroying ourselves. The only bacteria that is harmed are the ones that have died and are being sloughed away naturally. We poo these our in bucketloads everyday.

We destroy our micro biome with poor stress management, bad food and antibiotics.

3. We don’t just do this on just anyone.

Colon therapists with proper training are trained to make sure that a client is in fact the right candidate for colon therapy. I always consider two aspects when assessing a client for colon therapy.

a. They have no contra-indication (pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney disease ect)

b. That they have realistic expectations for this process. Colon therapy like everything else, is not a miracle cure for anything. It is a means to an end, with the right diet and supplements and detoxification, anything is possible with time and effort.

4. You get what you pay for.

I have seen several centers advertising colon therapy at ridiculous prices. I suppose if you can liken it to buying you’re a knock off handbag versus an original.

If you pay less for a colonic that you would for a bikini wax, you should ask yourself some questions about training, equipment and disposables. Some of these centers charge less than half of what our cost is on a treatment. I guess that means your get pre-used speculums and second grade sterilization.

5. Colon Cleansing is amazing.

I love my job. The release is amazing. The release of the burden on the body.

The fast detox and relief from symptoms is incredible. But,

The long lasting effects come from doing the work and making the changes in your life that will allow you achieve true health long term. Colon therapy is a quick was to feel better.

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