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5 Channels of Elimination.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is designed to cleanse toxins from our body’s cells on a continuous basis. The lymphatic vessels which are situated all around the body carry toxins and by products from metabolic processes in the cells to away from the cells and into the blood to be transported away into other channels of elimination.

When there is lymphatic dysfunction, there can be some symptoms like cellulite of lymph-edema and swollen lymph nodes.

Here are some ways to help your lymphatic system be optimal.

1. Exercise

Muscle movement powers the lymphatic system, so moving is the best way to speed it up.

2. Plenty of fluid and lemon water in the morning can assist in creating better “flow”.

3. Lymphatic Massage therapy.

Physically moving the lymph with massage is a great way to cleanse and detoxify the system.

4. Colon Hydrotherapy – may assist in speeding up movement by stimulating the colon to contract and hence the lymph around the colon is moved increasing “flow”

The Colon

The most obvious of all the elimination channels, the colon is the biggest dumper of toxins!

Our liver and blood systems eliminate their processed waste into the colon and keeping it moving is crucial to keeping our body clean and energetic.

Some ways to keep the colon moving?

1. Making sure you are hydrated is crucial.

2. Make sure your colon is powered with enough fibre from fruits and vegetables.

3. Exercise and Stress management are crucial to good bowel health.

4. Abdominal massage is also an excellent way to keep you colon moving.

5. Colon Hydrotherapy can assist in getting you back on track when things are not good and constipation is an issue.

The Kidneys

Our kidneys play a massive role in removing liquid toxins from our system. They are essentially a filter through which our fluids are strained and toxic materials removed from our systems.

Our kidneys remove excess minerals and regulate fluid and ph balance in our bodies, preventing us from becoming too acidic. Our kidneys filter 1.2 litres of fluid every minute, removing drug and alcohol residues and making sure our blood pressure stays within normal limits.

Here are some ways to help your kidneys

1. Get your water intake in for the day.

2. Make sure you get enough minerals from your diet.

3. There are some lovely teas like parsley and dandelion that can assist your kidneys when they feel sluggish and you are retaining fluid.

4. Avoid too many over the counter medications and reduce alcohol intake.

The Liver

The liver filters and removes compounds from the body. This includes toxins that our body produces as part of normal metabolism; pathogens like viruses and bacteria, cholesterol, hormones that our body excretes once it's used them eg. oestrogen, external toxins - alcohol, drugs, chemicals we encounter through food, breathing, personal care products and our environment.

Some signs that you liver is “sluggish” are

- Allergies

- Constipation

- Diarrhoea after eating fatty foods

- Fatigue, low energy, difficulty getting out of bed

- Feeling bloated or sluggish

- Food intolerances

- Headaches

- Skin problems

- Sleep problems

Liver support can include

1. Exercise and Stress Management

2. Herbs like Milk thistle

3. Cleaner diets that include more vegetables and fruit.

4. Reducing toxic products that you use in your home and on your skin.

5. Reducing alcohol intake.

The Skin

Your skin is your largest organ of elimination, it acts as a barrier between us and the world. It allow toxins to move from our blood and through the pores in our skin through sweat. When other elimination systems are sluggish, the skin takes over and therefore is an amazing barometer for what lies beneath. When our systems are toxic the skin will show us, through dark patches and acne, every dryness and other conditions like excema can show that are systems are sluggish and battling to detoxify. The skin can allow a 2 pounds of toxic waste to leave our bodies daily in the form of perspiration.

Some ways to assist the skin are

1. Making sure we stay hydrated

2. Exercise and sweating help detoxify our whole bodies

3. Skin brushing allows the skin to breath and sluffs off old skin, while also stimulating the lymphatic system.

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