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Cleanse Immune Bundle

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With Covid booming, Briony Gut Health Girl shared her daily immune boosting package.

Gut Health is so closely linked to the gut, so I believe every immune protocol should contain a really good probiotic.

Probiotic LP SCB is one of my favorites. It’s a high dose of Sacc. Boulardi which is an amazing strain for balancing out the microbiome for optimum digestion and absorption. It’s very useful for leaky gut and of course IBS.

Vitamin D3 5000

Vitamin D is one do the few nutrients that have been shown to play a role in the outcomes of patients who contract COVId 19. It plays a huge role in immunity and also in metabolic syndrome, which is a risky co-morbidity with the novel virus.

Vitamin C

We really need a lot more vitamin C than we have available generally and as we all know we don’t get enough, especially in winter as we don’t eat as many fruits. Our vitamin C has Bioperine in it (black pepper) which aids in absorption. (Increases absorption by 40%)

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